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The Wonderful Thing About Tigger!!!!

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Greetings from Pooh Corner

Last week I had the chance to visit Pooh country … and  spread the news about our  project 🙂

If you are interested in more photos and information, let me know 😉


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A week at the sea in september 2012.

… to meet new friends and new teachers. 92 pupils, about 10 teachers and the Principal who paid us a visit too.
Programme of events for our “integration week”:
* sand yachting,

sand yachting 😉

* riding mountain bikes along the seashore,
* sand carving,
* discovering a small island,
* using a compass,
* discovering maritime plants,
* landscape drawing,
* Visiting a mysterious local megalithic mausoleum , one of the largest in Europe and also one of the world’s oldest,
* building an English card game with sea animals,

Oyster and mussel shells.

* singing and listening to sea and forest birds,
* playing theatre games,
* having table tennis fun,
* playing football games,
* chatting … and running on the beach.

More in the weeks to come 🙂



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