A fun way of practising English

06 Jan

murdererOn December 17th White Horse Theatre were on stage at Hildburghausen theatre. They performed three different plays, so that all students had the chance to see one. Some of us were even part of the performance 🙂 Our Geography teacher, for example, was part of the first performance… as the murderer  😉

Year 5 and 6 watched Smellsock Fomes find a murderer in The Great Detective, year 10-12 saw the shape of things, and year 7-9 enjoyed’ Neighbours with long teeth’, which was about a boy, who fell in love with a vampire girl.

Now I will tell you something about the story: neighbours

It was an ordinary day in the life of Family Smith… Mr. Smith saw that a new family moving into the neighbourhood. Suddenly a coffin was carried into the house. Mr. Smith thougt, that someone had died. On the next day, a young woman came to the Smiths’ and introduced herself. Mr. and Mrs. Smith got scared because the girl had long teeth. But their son Rick didn´t get scared, he liked her. So they became friends and in the course of time they fell in love. But his father wasn’t to know anything about that, so they often met secretly at night. The vampire girl was so happy that someone loved her although she was different…all the other people stared at her or were afraid.

One day Mr. Smith noticed when Rick went again to Phylthia, the vampire girl. He followed him angrily and knocked severely on the door. Phylthia opened the door and Rick hid in the coffin  … some funny scenes followed…

In the end Rick’s parents accepted the love between the two young people, they did no longer worry that Phylthia was different…

Watching a play in English was a good experience, and we asked our English teachers to organise something like that again. 😉

by Lorenz


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2 responses to “A fun way of practising English

  1. Marie-France

    January 6, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    It is a really different way of learning English indeed. Being on stage is a great experience to live. We have that sort of shows too but in Brest, not at our place: no theater around. Mind you we have theater wokshops at school but not in English yet. That will give us ideas. Thanks Lorenz.

    Were you in one of the plays too?

  2. MrsU

    January 11, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    We have drama classes at our school too. After year 8 students can specialise in mathematics/sciences, language (3rd foreign language, mostly Italian) or drama,i.e. in year 9 and 10 they have 5 lessons a week in those subjects. The drama groups of year 9 usually perform before Christmas, year 10 at the end of the school year and year 12 shortly before their exams. Most of those plays are in German…so, if we want to watch a play in English, we hire such companies. 😉


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