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Carnival Masks

Carnival Masks

We made masks for mardi gras.


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Last week we had three days off for Carnevale. It is a winter festival usually celebrated in February, till the day before Ash Wednesday, when Lent begins. Besides its celebration in Venice, famous worldwide, it is celebrated with parades in other Italian towns. Big charts representing different characters or popular stories can be seen through the streets, people wear fancy dresses and masks and enjoy standing on the charts, or dancing to their music or walking and watching around, throwing confetti at people passing by.

Georg and some of his friends were here last year and took part in the local parade! Here they are:

February 2012. Georg and his friends ready to parade on a Carnival chart in Italy

February 2012. Georg and his friends ready to parade on a Carnival chart in Italy

Click here to look at some photos taken last week ;):



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How keen are you on Mangas?

This week, we got the result of the manga drawing competition in which we took part. That competition was organized by a library located in the centre of France.
There were several categories and one of our older friends in year 9, Théo, won the first prize, category Chimera.

Théo will be invited to go to Paris to collect his prize and will meet recognized Manga authors in a beautiful building called Hotel de Massa, hosting the Society of Men of Letters of France.

We are very proud of Théo.  Congratulations , well done Théo 🙂

Here is his cool drawing: Click on the drawing to enlarge it:-)

What about you? Are you interested in Mangas: books and comics?

The French team 🙂

Theo's drawing

Theo’s drawing


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