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Happy first of May from France.

May we present you with   some lily of the valley to fill your day with the most subtle scent a flower can offer?

It is said  when the world was created, this delicate  flower decorated the door of Paradise and every time a good man or woman entered it, its tiny bells would tinkle. This highly poisonous  flower was supposed to be  gifted to identify virtuous people.  Paradoxical, isn’t it?  😉

Team France.

A few sprigs for you.

A few sprigs for you.


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Anybody interested in a piece of almond-pear tart?

During my Easter holidays, I spent one afternoon in my kitchen to bake an almond-pear tart.  I like cooking and especially baking cakes and making dessert. My mum says I have a sweet tooth.

Hugo aux fourneaux Ingredients you need to make my tart:

1- A piece of shortcrust pastry

2- A large tin of  half pears in syrup

3- 150g of sugar

4 – 150 g of butter, preferably salted. 

5- 150 g of almond powder, some bits and pieces of  cooking chocolate

6-  3 eggs. 

   Hugo- GateauHow to make my tart: 

1- Mix the melted butter and  the sugar

2- Add the eggs one by one, then the almond powder

3- Spread the shortcut pastry on the table with a rolling pin

4- Pour the almond cream on top 

5 – Arrange the pears on the cream with some chocolate pieces between them. 

6- Bake the tart in a pre-heated oven at 200°C  for 25 minutes. 

The tart is ready and you can eat it warm or let it cool down. Enjoy! It is delicious.

by Hugo.


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Meanwhile in Germany…

IMG_0027While Team France enjoy  well-deserved holidays their  fluffy friends are back to school with the youngest members of the German team. 🙂

Here you can have a look at

our dream houses 🙂

and  our jumble sale

with Jule and Anna-Sophie



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