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Let’s take the funicular cable car to see France and Spain from Mount Vesuvius :-)

Here is another lovely song in our choral repertoire.

Funiculi , Funiculà, up the Vesuvius and hoping to forget love problems 😉


by Marine, Axelle and Héloïse.


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Let’s sing to the sun the Italian way ;-)

In our choral repertoire,  we have many  traditional Italian songs  . Let’s start with our favourite one because we are sure you can sing along.

Remember we are not professionals but we are enjoying every minute of it 😉 Here is  ‘O Sole mio  for you.

We cross our fingers the sun will keep shining after  this  🙂 🙂

by Axelle, Héloïse and Marine 


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Horse riding and feeling good

After reading about bees and how well they get on at school in France 😉 , we thought about nature and how good it feels when harmony has its place.

Here is what Alice tells us:

I go horse riding. I love it because it isn’t only a sport: to me, it is a life style.
I go to a riding ground near my town and it is a beautiful place. I spend some hours there two or three days a week after school, more in the summer. 

When I am on this riding ground I feel great, because I’m surrounded by nature with horses and lot of funny, crazy friends and instructors; we joke all the time!!! 🙂 I usually get there at two pm, I take the horse from his paddock, I brush and saddle him. Then I mount the horse and we go to the courtyard for a lesson of hurdle jumping, which lasts an hour. When we finish, I unsaddle the horse and I take him to the field where he eats some grass.
I really love spending my time in the riding ground!!!!!! 😉 🙂 🙂                

Alice horseriding

Indeed, it is a fantastic place also because some people organize “horse therapy”; it is beneficial to people with disabilities, in fact after staying with a horse for a while they look happy and relaxed – like me when I am there 😉