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A different kind of trip

boliven1I spent my Easter holidays in Bolivia and saw a lot of this country: Santa Cruz, the cloud forest in the Andes, where we were hunting one day, or the desert, where we were running in the sand, but don’t expect a description of a typical holiday now.

I also saw how people live there…

I had the chance to travel with a German group, 10 young persons and Thomas, our guardian. boliven2 We went there to support the  project Saalfeld Samaipata , which provides children’s homes with bread and helps the children  to get a good school education. Education is important for those children to leave their life in poverty and crime behind … unfortunately lots of  street children there are criminal or deal with drugs to make a living.


bolivien3It was a good feeling to see  the children were happy to see us.  We did a lot of things together , and I learned a lot about their life. This experience has taught me to appreciate our way of living more… not everybody is a lucky as we are and lots of children need our help.
I see the world with different eyes now and I will never forget that trip.

by Lena


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London , here we come!

By Victor A.

Click onWelcome to England-1


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Cheerio for a while.

Our teacher's cat

Our teacher’s cat

We are going on our Easter holidays.

We will be back in May.

We are off  to new adventures.

The French team 🙂


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