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Our e-Twinning poem

This morning we recorded our interpretation of the poem we composed together. We organised it with some background music and our musicians were Carlo and Lorenzo of course. Carlo had his electric guitar, Lorenzo brought his keyboard. All the others had their lines to speak. See what you think … 🙂

Bye bye, team Italy



Matteo's owl

Across the miles I fly,
but not too high in the sky,
to see all the views with my eyes!
With my wings I go on every day,
with my mind I will follow my way;
I’m looking for a friend …
It could be you! To the end.


Across the miles I fly
but not too high in the sky
to see all problems with my eye!
With my hand I form the nature
for a better life in future
I’m looking for a friend to help today,
I’m looking for a friend to stay…


Across the miles I send to you
and hope you send me something too,
through the sky that shines so blue
I will think about seeing you…

owl4           owl1

Across the miles I send
blog messages without an end
to share all the views with my words …
with our stories we share our day
with my mind I follow your way
In you I’ve found a friend …

Yes, it’s you! To the end.


Across the miles a sound …
happy bells around …
they travel everywhere
and bring peace here and there …


Across the miles I see
how many towns and trees!
Comparing them I f
how lovely, living colours
has Europe on its ground!


Across the miles I fly
And often stops by
To find a way to end up my day
Feathers flapping in the light of may
Looking for the best of friend

p1070353.p            p1070352.p

Towards the infinite horizon to the end
Sun rising on days flowing smoothly
Across forests and seas I glide, swiftly
To the east, the south , the north… endlessly.

By teams: France, Germany, Italy


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A journey into the TV

In their last writing test students in class 1D had to write one or two paragraphs on the following:

What do you think about letting your mind travel into the TV and see where you can go and enjoy your day? Tell about your fantastic journey over there and about your vision.

This is what Serena wrote:

My favourite movie is “Arthur et les Minimoys”. I like it because it is about a boy who starts a journey in the garden, but to do that he has to become as small as an insect. … now I get into this film and see  the world from an insect’s eye. I think it is fantastic! A pond is a very big pool where I can lay in the sunshine, sleep on a leaf, get into a flower during the night.  And with my wings I fly and move to other places, but I must be careful, because something can squeeze me, or animals can eat me! An amazing experience!

This is how I can spend my day in this world and work with my imagination, travelling with my thoughts.

serens's drawing


by Serena


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Could you please take a moment to answer this survey?

We imagined a survey for our blog this week.

A Survey on our project

1- Do you often visit  our common blog ?

Everyday       Sometimes,    Rarely     Never

2-    What sort of posts do you like most ?

 on school    ,  on sport,     on travels ,    on eco-friendly activities,   on puzzles,  on food,    on traditions, on clothes  ,    on holidays …

you can add the topic of your choice  here : …..

3-    Why do you like writing on this blog ?

   because it’s fun ,     because you want meet new friends,    because you love   English ,     because your love exchanging ideas , experiences , likes …,    because you are curious of the others.

4-    How often do you leave a comment on the blog ?

once a week     twice a week    more   seldom   never

5-    When do you go on the blog ?

in the morning before school ,    in  the evening after school ,  before doing your homework,  at school,  at breaktime,  in class

after doing your homework  ,  at week-ends  ,   during the holidays,   any time

6-    What sort of posts do you like the best?

videos , texts and photos  ,  photos ,  games (puzzles)  ,  slideshows

7-    Do you like the topics of the blog ?

yes,  very much     –  yes, a little      – no, not really   –   no, not a all

8-    Have you been pleasantly surprised by some posts on the blog ? If so can you tell us which ones ?  ………………………………………………………………………………………

9-    To our visitors  and  websurfers .

How did you come across our blog?

recommended by friends   ,  promoted by parents

after Open Days at  our schools  ,   found of our school website,

quite by chance

10- If you had to grade the blog, which of the following grades would you give it :

20 out 20= 20/20  p,  from 15 to 19,    from 10 to 14 ,  from 5 to 9  ,   from 0 to 5

You can  add your exact grade here. :  ……….. / 20

Thank you for your time and patience.

Click on the link here: a-survey-on-our-project1 to print it, use the comment section of the blog to record your answers and number the questions-  if  you wish to answer 😉

Team France.



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