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UFOs over Germany?

bellshbn Hello, team France.

Your messengers made it!

They were here last night and dropped a delicious surprise for us.

Thanks a lot.

If you haven’t found enough Easter eggs yet, you will find another surprise here.

by German Team

April 15th: Today your goddies finally reached school – Mrs U is back from her Comenius meeting – and everybody was so excited. How do you like the frieze on our wall? We love it! 🙂




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end of puzzle contest

Our competition has come to an end.  Over the past 5 weeks we offered you 5 puzzles. etwpuzzle1

20 players took part in the competition and added their results to the comments section. We know there were more players, but as they didn’t share their results with us they don’t have a chance to win.

Our puzzles were played  577 times and completed 478times, i.e 82,84%. Maybe the contest wasn’t that easy 😉

Only one player was able to beat eyecare’s total high score of all 5 puzzles.

The winner is            EVA , TEAM FRANCE

                       CONGRATULATIONS! EXCELLENT!

Her prize will be handed over by Mrs Munar soon. As no other player completed 5 puzzles, there won’t be any other awards.

Sonia, the best Italian player,  and Nina, the best German player, completed three puzzles each.

If you would like to know who the person  you competed with is, click here and check her message for you

Don’t forget to scatter the puzzle after you have completed it to give everybody the chance to find out themselves 🙂



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puzzle contest week 5

This is your last chance to beat eyecare’s total high score 😉

Good luck! 🙂

Comments will be open until 6 pm on Monday, December 17th.


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