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Celebrating a year with new friends

IMG_9625Today we were looking back on a school year full of fun and excitement.

We arranged a little party because we like our project so much and wanted to present it to our form teacher Mr. Schmidt. Our caretaker, who is also a fireman and had just come back from supporting the rescue forces in the flooded areas, managed to install the digital projector this morning. Thanks a lot, Mr. Peter. 🙂

e(a)twinning party

Many thanks to our parents too, who helped us prepare the cakes for our party.

We used some recipes from the blog and our favourite ones. 😉

etwpresentsBut we did not only eat, we read some posts again, watched some of our favourite videos (poems, songs, sketches) and also made some little videos ;)…..and we drew lots to see where the beautiful presents from France would go to. Many thanks again.



a piece of etwinning cake for our dear friends

by team Germany,5b


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Here we go;-)

The Etwinning Quality Label was granted to us. Can’t wait to tell the kids tomorrow at school 😉

A very proud teacher 🙂

Etwinning label fiiled in


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Mastering the Big Challenge ;)

bigchallengeToday we had a little party, celebrating the results of “The big challenge” competition.

Three students of our class have come in top 3 of year 7 at our school  🙂 That was a lot better than anyone had expected…

Last week we could check our results online, and when Elias and Marie told Mrs U they were places 1 and 3, she said if number 2 also went to our class, we’d celebrate. The other results were checked…and…Michelle came in second! 🙂 Of course, some of us had also scored very low 😉

So yesterday Franziska brought a cake, Mrs U three bottles of “champagne” 😉 and we had an English lesson with doing  crosswords and  making poems.

Try this bio poem, it’s really nice 😉

line 1: name of the person

line 2: three adjectives

line 3:Who loves…

line 4: Who wants…

line 5: Always…

line 6: Never…

line 7 : name of the person

by team Germany, 7b


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