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Hello from Slovakia after a loooong time


Hello friends,

We are sorry that we haven’t written anything since Christmas, but we had lot to do and there was not much time to write. 😦

But we’ve read almost everything from you! 🙂

Right now, we are rehearsing for a school theatre performance – The Wizard of Oz! 🙂

We will write more, and of course we will add some nice pictures! (teacher’s promise 🙂


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

best wishes from Slovakia to you all


We will add more posts in 2013, we will now enjoy the holidays. Hope you will enjoy too! 😀


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Our excursion to Brno by Mary and Lucy

Hello everyone! We were on an excursion in Brno. Brno is in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic is our neighbouring country.
Our trip was long, but we were not bored. And after a while we were in the Brno observatory. It’s beautiful! We saw a film about the journey of Christopher Columbus and about star constellations. It was superb!!

Excursion to the Anthropological museum

We were in the Anthropological Museum for the first time. It was a great fun. There was a mammoth and Neanderthal Men (plastic figures). There were mural paintings, too. There was a buffet where we bought a lot of things.
After we left the museum, we went to a shopping centre called Olympia. Our teacher said in bus to us that if we don’t behave, we won’t go to Olympia. We went anyway. 🙂

Shopping Centre Brno

We had one hour free in the shopping centre. We went to McDonald’s and we ate McFlurry-s – it’s an ice cream, McSundae – this is a cocktail, and cheeseburgers. It was delicious! And then we went to the toy shop Pompo. My friends Mary, Lea and Simona went with me. I’m a tourist guide too!
We returned back to our home town – Senica. Everyone was very very happy and had a lot of fun.
I will never forget it! 🙂

Thanks for the pictures to Samo and Martin L. 🙂

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