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An exciting football match

Football championships are played in each country, so there’s the Italian one, the German one, the Spanish one, and so on. In addition, there is the Champions League, a European competition where all the best teams from each nation compete.

The final match of UEFA Champions League was played last Saturday evening at Wembley Stadium. The two teams who competed for the victory were Borussia Dortmund and Bayern München, two German teams. Borussia Dortmund’s players wore a black and yellow suit, Bayern München had a red and white one.


It was an exciting match since the first minute; in the first half of the match Borussia was better than Bayern, but in the second half Bayern scored with Mandzukic, a Croatian player. After 8 minutes Borussia got a penalty and Gundogan scored his goal. At the 88th minute Robben scored the match-score for Bayern München and the match ended with a score 2-1 for Bayern.

Robben was very happy for his goal because he made himself redeemed from for kicking a penalty and scoring 0 last year!  

We supported Borussia Dortmund because it is a team with young players and also because Bayern München won against our Juventus. 😦

However, we are happy for the victory of Bayern München 🙂


Didier, Elia, Matteo D.


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Horse riding and feeling good

After reading about bees and how well they get on at school in France 😉 , we thought about nature and how good it feels when harmony has its place.

Here is what Alice tells us:

I go horse riding. I love it because it isn’t only a sport: to me, it is a life style.
I go to a riding ground near my town and it is a beautiful place. I spend some hours there two or three days a week after school, more in the summer. 

When I am on this riding ground I feel great, because I’m surrounded by nature with horses and lot of funny, crazy friends and instructors; we joke all the time!!! 🙂 I usually get there at two pm, I take the horse from his paddock, I brush and saddle him. Then I mount the horse and we go to the courtyard for a lesson of hurdle jumping, which lasts an hour. When we finish, I unsaddle the horse and I take him to the field where he eats some grass.
I really love spending my time in the riding ground!!!!!! 😉 🙂 🙂                

Alice horseriding

Indeed, it is a fantastic place also because some people organize “horse therapy”; it is beneficial to people with disabilities, in fact after staying with a horse for a while they look happy and relaxed – like me when I am there 😉



Fight for pink

This year’s Tour of Italy has begun. The famous cycling tour is called “Giro d’Italia”. It is one of the most important stage races and, to me, the most fascinating in the world! It usually takes place in May. This year as many as 23 teams are partecipating with nine riders for each of them.

a stage race                  logo

Usually, the victory of this important event goes to the one who wins the hardest uphill, in fact, it’s always the Dolomites which decide the winner 😉  The prize for each race is a pink shirt.

I hope Nibali will win because he’s my favorite runner, although Wiggins will be hard to beat. I am happy because my parents will allow me to go and see them on the three peaks in Lavaredo.

Nibali                  Dolomites

Do you like watching stage races? Do you have a cycling tour in your country?

Matteo S.


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