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UFOs over Germany?

bellshbn Hello, team France.

Your messengers made it!

They were here last night and dropped a delicious surprise for us.

Thanks a lot.

If you haven’t found enough Easter eggs yet, you will find another surprise here.

by German Team

April 15th: Today your goddies finally reached school – Mrs U is back from her Comenius meeting – and everybody was so excited. How do you like the frieze on our wall? We love it! 🙂




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Flying bells on their way at Easter time.

Every year, 3 days before Easter,  the bells from our churches escape from their steeples ( our church towers) and they become mute . They quickly fly to Rome where they have an extremely important  meeting with the Pope. This year they will be be greeted by Pope Francis I 🙂

Before Easter sunday, at night,  they fly back home with lots of goodies for children. They drop chocolate eggs in parks, gardens and hedges. They know children will go on an egg hunt as soon as they get up. Our bells are very professional and reliable,you see.

We asked the chief of the bells to make a “little detour” via Germany to treat our friends 🙂

That is one of our Easter traditions here in France. Have you got a similar one in Germany, Italy, Scotland and Slovakia?

Team France: Julie, Hugo, Victor G., Héloïse, Dorine, Simon, Victor A., Marine,, Bleuenn, Teva, Yoan, Axelle, Théo and Martin 🙂 x 14

Click twice to enlarge, please!

Two decorated friezes by two teams,  for the same story ;-)

Two decorated friezes by two teams, for the same story 😉


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Our German Easter in Brittany ;-)

Our German friends decided to share some of their Easter goodies with us. Many, many delicious thanks to them. 🙂

Before going on their Spring break, they posted a surprise parcel:-) We got it and we coudn’t wait to taste their sweet butterflies and chocolate eggs. Their bunny was much quicker than our messengers which , hopefully, will be in Hildburghausen on time. We can’t say more. It is a secret. Sh! shh!

Team France.

P.S: Our two new mascots Georg II, which bravely went through a cloning machine in Germany and Mrs Foxy, Mr Foxy’s friend, have met Zeus, our first mascot from Greece. We will keep you posted on their life with us and tell you how they behave. 3 friends together, we better keep a close eye on them 🙂

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