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A different kind of trip

boliven1I spent my Easter holidays in Bolivia and saw a lot of this country: Santa Cruz, the cloud forest in the Andes, where we were hunting one day, or the desert, where we were running in the sand, but don’t expect a description of a typical holiday now.

I also saw how people live there…

I had the chance to travel with a German group, 10 young persons and Thomas, our guardian. boliven2 We went there to support the  project Saalfeld Samaipata , which provides children’s homes with bread and helps the children  to get a good school education. Education is important for those children to leave their life in poverty and crime behind … unfortunately lots of  street children there are criminal or deal with drugs to make a living.


bolivien3It was a good feeling to see  the children were happy to see us.  We did a lot of things together , and I learned a lot about their life. This experience has taught me to appreciate our way of living more… not everybody is a lucky as we are and lots of children need our help.
I see the world with different eyes now and I will never forget that trip.

by Lena


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Our poem

This is what our collaboration combined with our creative writing skills brought:



Matteo's owl

Across the miles I fly,
but not too high in the sky,
to see all the views with my eyes!
With my wings I go on every day,
with my mind I will follow my way;
I’m looking for a friend …
It could be you! To the end.


Across the miles I fly
but not too high in the sky
to see all problems with my eye!
With my hand I form the nature
for a better life in future
I’m looking for a friend to help today,
I’m looking for a friend to stay…


Across the miles I send to you
and hope you send me something too,
through the sky that shines so blue
I will think about seeing you…

owl4           owl1

Across the miles I send
blog messages without an end
to share all the views with my words …
with our stories we share our day
with my mind I follow your way
In you I’ve found a friend …
Yes, it’s you! To the end.


Across the miles a sound …
happy bells around …
they travel everywhere
and bring peace here and there …


Across the miles I see
how many towns and trees!
Comparing them I f
how lovely, living colours
has Europe on its ground!


Across the miles I fly
And often stops by
To find a way to end up my day
Feathers flapping in the light of may
Looking for the best of friend

p1070353.p            p1070352.p

Towards the infinite horizon to the end
Sun rising on days flowing smoothly
Across forests and seas I glide, swiftly
To the east, the south , the north… endlessly.

By teams: France, Germany, Italy


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Mrs Foxy’s adventures in Paris.

During our Easter holidays, Mrs Foxy and I went to Paris. 

We got there on friday and stayed 4 days.

On saturday we visited a scientific museum and we saw lots of stuffed animals.


On sunday we visited an exhibition  with huge, enormous statues. Ron Mueck, an Australian sculptor,  made them.

Incredible and a bit strange.


On monday we went on a cruise on the river Seine on the “bateaux mouches” . Great, great time 🙂

Simon sur bateaux mouche

On tuesday we went to the catacombs.

It was horrid. There were  lots of skeletons.

We got out of there as soon as possible 🙂

Hudreds of skulls

Hudreds of skulls

I enjoyed my holidays in Paris with my family and Mrs Foxy. 

by Simon.

Simon, Mrs Foxy in Paris.


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