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Our blog’s poem

While getting ready for some good energetic music (rock of course) and tasting French style pastry to face the final school tests … why don’t we write a poem together?

Here is a fashonable (very owlie ;)) messanger who will carry it across the miles …

owl messanger by Matteo S.

owl messanger by Matteo S.


                 Across the miles I fly,

                 but not too high in the sky,

                 to see all the views with my eyes!

                With my wings I go on every day,

                with my mind I will follow my way;

                I’m looking for a friend …



Would you like to add your lines and/or your pictures? 🙂

Italian team


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We opened the parcel from Athens ;-)

” On Thursday, November 29th, all students stood around the table with Mrs. Munar , to open the mysterious box 🙂
But what was inside?  Hugo opened the mystery box with scissors!
But when Hugo opened the box, a  stuffed tiger nearly jumped out!  And he wasn’t alone!

He had company:  angels, a herd of elephants and a  bunch of lions. All  handmade paper animals fortunately 😉 ”   Teva.

* We thank you very much for these great gifts, more to come about your letter, Mrs Vicky.  We Have decided to adopt Mr Tiger as our mascot” Héloïse.

” Mrs. Munar said this morning: “We will open the mysterious parcel”.  Mystery reigned in the classroom, Hugo took scissors  to open the package: we then saw a large stuffed tiger and two plastic bags that contained
mini cereal bars and angels, lions and elephants with a small loop to attach a tree.
We were very happy to see all these things offered to us. The tiger became our mascot at once”. Victor A

From Bittany with love 🙂

The French team.

P.S: the tiger will be our team mascot 🙂 We will suggest a name in our next post. We saved the stamps too 🙂


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The Wonderful Thing About Tigger!!!!

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